Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas from the heart

So, I'm looking out on Christmas Eve ...and all I see is sand.
I miss my family so very much but I'm fighting for freedom in a foreign land.
At home, I bet there's enough snow that I could go sledding with my son.
Or build that carrot-nosed man with my daughter. Yeah, that would be fun.
But I have to be all the way over here ...and there's still work to be done.

So I'll say a prayer for my God to hear, straight from my lips to the Lord's ear.
We're doing what we can, seeing this through to finish what we start.
Please give my family a Merry Christmas ...and send it from my heart.

The children here don't get presents and it's not that Santa missed.
And yes, it's sad these times are bad but no kids are on the naughty list.
I know my kids have been good for their mother and I'm sorry that we're apart.
So send them a Merry Christmas for me ...and make it from the heart.

When the call comes in, I almost cry.
"Merry Christmas! We love you." ...brings a tear to my eye.
Thousands of miles away and yet everyone rejoices.
We long to hear the sound of our loved ones' voices.
They'll miss me this season but they understand.
We want peace on earth and good will toward man.
To make the world a better place, we all must do our part.

Merry Christmas, soldiers. Come home soon. We love you ...from the heart.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Susan Delgado and the freaky season

Susan awoke on Halloween morning and got herself ready for school.
Her mother said she should wear her coat because the air was a little cool.
"But Mom," said Susan, "it'll wrinkle my costume! Today, we dress for Halloween!"
"I understand," said her mother, " but if you catch a cold, you can't go trick or treating."
So off Susie went with all of her friends, dressed as goblins and ghouls.
And the strangest thing happened when Susan Delgado got to school.

The teacher said that the weatherman was calling for a little snow.
As the day slowly went by, her class watched the flakes come and go.
At recess, they made a snowman and gave him a Halloween greeting---Boo!
Susie wondered if Frosty or Santa had ever gone trick or treating.
They gave the snowman buttons of candy corn and a jack-o-lantern for his head.
It was fun to have two holidays in one, just like the weatherman said.

Susie told her mother when she got home of all the things she'd seen
Because you never see a snowman dress up for Halloween.
She trick or treated with a snowman and Santa, and a ghost with a glowing red nose.
They collected candy from house to house until Susie felt the cold in her toes.
When they were done, she said goodbye and gave them a Halloween hug.
Then she climbed into her bed and went to sleep, all nice and snug.

That night, she dreamed of jack-o-lantern snowmen and, although she didn't know the reason,
She was glad the snow came early this year for Susan Delgado and the freaky season.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The crickets are chirping,
"Goodnight. Goodnight."
With our babes bedding down
Beneath the moonlight.
Dear dreams, sweet child.
The day is done.
Put your head to bed
With the sleeping sun.
Put your silly head to bed
For we have all had our fun.
Momma bird has called
For her chicks to rest.
Tucking each one
In their birdy's nest.
They close their eyes without a peep
And dream of flying whilst they sleep.
Sweet dreams, dear child.
Until tomorrow's light.
Hear the crickets are chirping,
"Goodnight. Goodnight."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh, the things you can find

Oh, the thing you can find in your own backyard.
If you keep your eyes open, it's not very hard.
Such a big world, so full of creation.
...All you need is a little imagination.
A world of wonder unlike any kind.
In your own backyard, oh the things you can find.

Sammy Suggs likes to play with slugs.
He knows the trail of snails by their slime.
He would sit in place and watch them race.
And THAT took a very long time.

Benny Boggs likes to catch frogs
But he always let them go.
They were good at leaping but not for keeping,
So he watched them hop off in a row.

His sister Jenny had a copper penny.
She flipped it for heads or tails.
If heads hit the ground, she watched frogs jump around.
For tails, she would sit and watch snails.

Oh, the things you can find in you own backyard.
If you keep your eyes open, it's not very hard.
Crickets and butterflies, worms under rocks.
Turtles that snap, turtles that box.
A world of wonder, unlike any kind.
In your own backyard, Oh the things you can find.

Sammy's sister Claire picked flowers for her hair.
She gave some to Benny's sister, Jenny.
The flowers were so nice, Jenny didn't think twice.
She gave Claire her own copper penny.

All the Boggs and the Suggs like catching lightning bugs.
They put them in jars and watch them light.
And, as we all know, they let them go
So they can catch them again tomorrow night.

Oh, the things you can find in your own backyard.
If you keep your eyes open, it's not very hard.
Grasshoppers and caterpillars, a flower for a friend.
Sticks for magic wands- All you need to do is pretend!
A world of wonder, unlike any kind.
In your own backyard, oh the things you can find.